We enable innovators to do great things by providing a process and people that solve problems. Our process is geared towards maximizing your product development ROI, so don’t be surprised if we suggest a smaller scope of work to start our engagement.


Workshops are 4-8 hour working sessions (and up to 2 week engagements) that have a specific goal or deliverable. We often leverage collaborative design techniques. They can be used to train your team or to build something of value.



+Offering the Design Sprint +Philosophie is offering a 2-week design sprint for less than $10,000

You have a problem. Perhaps you aren’t hitting your metrics. Perhaps you’re getting too many customer service calls. Or perhaps you just can’t figure out how a flow or interface should work. Taking cues from IDEO, Google, and others, we’ve created a cost-effective way to apply design thinking to your big hairy problem.


Product Team

+Offering the Product Team +Philosophie is offering a dedicated, cross-functional product team.

For companies and entrepreneurs who need or want to start building a product before they have a full in-house team for it, we offer a tailored “balanced team” solution to execute on your short- and intermediate term goals.