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Lean Branding

You’ve got to get your startup up and running fast. At the same time, your customers expect a lot. You need to look good and have a clear identity to differentiate yourself from your competitors. You need professional branding.

What we Solve

The problem with traditional branding projects is that they take months; careful demographic and competitive research, international trademark searches, and endless hours of ideation, iteration, and production. In the end, you get a 100+ page book of brand guidelines and specifications, which is designed to limit, rather than enhance, your creativity.

Until now, the alternatives were to work with freelance graphic designers or, worse, design competitions such as 99designs. These inexpensive options may be a good temporary solution, but they lack strategy and branding can be hard to change down the line.

We created the MVP Branding sprint to design a strategic brand platform for your startup in just two weeks. Through a series of workshops and rapid iteration, we create a lightweight brand framework that can evolve and grow with you.

What you Get

  • A brand definition workshop
  • A logo and other identity basics
  • Lightweight brand guidelines consisting of colors, typography, and logo usage