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You've got an idea that's too good to pass up and you're ready to take the plunge. You've read countless articles, attended networking events, and talked to everyone about your concept. You're still looking for that CTO co-founder. Forget 'em. Let's get started already.

What to expect

Be prepared to hustle. In just three months, we are going to set up your company, talk to hundreds of customers, study the competition, define a market entry point, test dozens of marketing ideas, and define your v1 brand and product.

You will work with a dedicated team consisting of a hustler (Product Strategist), a hacker (Software Engineer), and a dreamer (Product Designer). These experts will be your partners in taking the first steps toward not only launching an app, but building a successful business.

We're putting our money where our mouth is. You will receive a heavily discounted rate in exchange for 5% of your company, equating to a $1MM+ valuation. At the end, you'll be in a competitive position to apply to a top-tier accelerator, raise a seed round, or simply keep going on your own.

What you get

  • Dedicated team of experts
  • Free office space
  • A proven process for designing and shipping good software
  • Support recruiting and hiring your own team
  • A working prototype, proof-of-concept, or MVP
  • A honed investor pitch
  • The knowledge to repeat the process on your own

Next steps

Ready to go all-in? Give us your pitch.