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The Four-Week MVP

You’ve read The Lean Startup. You’ve done your customer development. You’ve validated the market opportunity. Now it’s time to deliver.

We created the four-week MVP to help you make it real. You’ll hit the ground running with a Philosophie Product Team, who will work with you to define and execute a minimum viable product that can be built and launched within four weeks.

What to expect

You’re getting a dedicated team of some of the most effective designers and engineers around. Together, we've got four short weeks to launch the first production version of your website or mobile app. Basically, it’s going to be a wild ride.

We are an agile development team, which means a few things that may be new to you:

  • Daily standup meetings to stay in-sync
  • Lots of facetime, chat, or phone calls
  • Weekly planning sessions
  • Real-time insight into the process
  • Scope that changes if it must
  • A continuous drive towards shipping a viable product

You bring your domain expertise, entrepreneurial grit, and dedication to the table, and we’ll coach you through the rest.

What you get

  • A streamlined kick-off that will identify and prioritize product features
  • A balanced team of one designer, one engineer, and one product strategist
  • A commitment to launching in just four weeks

Next steps

Ready to make it happen? Contact us for a free consultation; we’ll help you refine your MVP and give you an idea of what can be accomplished in just four weeks.