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The Product Team

For companies and entrepreneurs who need or want to start building a product before they have a full in-house team for it, we offer a tailored “balanced team” solution to execute on your short- and intermediate term goals. Consider this if you:

  • Need to scale your product as you scale your team
  • Want to go from idea to market in 3–6 months
  • Need a specialized team to work on a secondary or non-core product
  • Want to enhance your in-house team's capabilities as things get done

What you get

For many of our clients, we serve as their sole product team. For others, we contribute specific roles to round out their existing team. In both cases, we get the work done while contributing best practices that you will take with you after our engagement has concluded.

The Product Team is a small but highly-skilled team 100% focused on your product. We use the Philosophie approach to balance user needs and business objectives while ensuring a reliable and sustainable work pace.

While each Product Team is built specifically to your needs, we believe that most digital product teams need at least four perspectives represented on the team: business, product, design, and engineering.

  • Product Team - Example Product Strategist
    Product Strategist
  • Product Team - Example Engineer
  • Product Team - Example Designer
  • Product Team - Example Product Owner
    Product Owner (You!)

Product Strategist

Our product strategists provide guidance with respect to Lean Startup tactics and our proven agile workflow. He or she will facilitate daily standups and sprint planning meetings, and will serve as your main point of contact throughout the engagement.


Our designers are generalists who excel in a variety of areas. Some are stronger in Interaction Design, which incorporates user research, task analysis, user flows, and information architecture to solve usability issues and improve the user experience. Other designers are stronger at user interface design and development, which includes front-end implementation.


The engineering stakeholder doesn’t just implement the backend — he or she assesses the technical feasibility of designs and can help to determine a feature’s cost of implementation. Our engineering leads are full-stack and are happy to pair with your in-house resources.

Product Owner

The final component to an effective balanced team is you. You bring the business perspective to the project, set priorities and release dates, and ultimately call the shots. We work at a fast pace on important projects, so we expect you to be available during business hours to answer questions and review progress. In fact, you are encouraged to work out of our office!

What to expect

Same Team. It’s one of our core values, and it's what it will feel like when you work with us. You bring your business priorities, market segments, and existing product team. We bring additional expertise, a fresh perspective, and a proven process. Together, we get it done.

Next steps

Ready to ramp up? Tell us about your goals and we’ll tell you how we can help you achieve them.