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Human-Centered AI

We will no longer work as people behind screens simply typing, clicking, or tapping away at interfaces that do something. We will be pushed into a world that has “apps” approaching the complexity of other human beings. They will be unbiased, never asleep, and will creatively solve problems in ways that we cannot.

“Do something interesting”

Have you been asked to “do something interesting” with the data lake or ocean you have? How do you invest in solving real business problems rather than finding simple correlations? Everyone has this problem but they don’t know where to get started.

Design Thinking for AI is Human-Centered AI

Right now the shiniest tools in the toolbox are big data, data science, automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, etc. How do you create systems that utilize the benefits of these tools and solve real world problems? We provide the purpose to machines. Not the other way around.

Not just chatbots

Adding a chatbot to check the AI box and call it a day isn’t helpful. We provide targeted user research and rapid prototyping towards automated, assistive, augmentative, agentive, and generative AI experiences. We help you understand how these systems get embedded in your organizations and build trust with the human operators. We help you figure out what data is needed and where you need to know more to build great machine learning predictive capability.

How we can help you build great AI

How much help do you need? You may be just getting started or have a team of professional data scientists already. We provide scalable help from single day workshops, multi day hackathons, strategic coaching for AI, and full product teams. We tailor our offering to your need with our expertise in design thinking, user research, and rapid prototyping.

Want to learn about three ways you can improve your AI practice?

How do you get all stakeholders to the table including engineers, designers, product, executives, and customers? How do you understand the real needs of your customers and how to apply AI? We can help.

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